Definition of diving

21 10 2009

Diving is only half, swimming underwater and dive to a depth of the conference is based on the use of so-called group called water diving.
Here are some pictures, can explain what’s best diving. When people wearing the black group was diving, and taking into account the deep ocean water, and diving Go to the sea far below the water surface and that this activity is known as Diving.
Diving is a wonderful experience, which can quickly become a big jump for the first time many of the most favorite sports.


Personal diving equipment

21 10 2009

Diving Life Support
* Open the diving cylinder configuration  and adaptation of diving
* System or semi-closed circuit breathing system under water

Alternative life support
* Liquid breathing is very rare in the initial pilot phase. We hope one day the system actually makes it possible to dive too deep.
* A breathing tube to the face of deep breathing to allow the surface.
* Standard diving – is mainly used in the diving career. However, current and historical values.
* Area offers diving – mainly used in professional diving, and only if the snuba form of entertainment.

Heat, abrasion protection and gill
* In cold water, such as a suit or dry suit diving suit
* In hot, hard and long, everyday clothing provide protection and use, such as moist skin diving, diving suit different types of clothing Gonzalez
* Diving gloves, neoprene is generally used in thermal insulation
* Diving boots, often made of chloroprene rubber
* Helmet diving. Not hold water. You may have a built-in light of the forehead.

In water, the stability and mobility
* There is a heavy structural backplane associated with their wings and diving bottles in all parts of the body and the buoyancy control diving
* Equalizers floating buoyancy control device, or symbol basilar BC – to regulate buoyancy and flotation device to save the lives of many of the names
* Diver payment – to increase coverage of diver undwerwater
* Diving weighting system – to overcome the buoyancy of diving and diving clothes, so that the offspring
* Hydrofoil to improve efficiency

Measurement and navigation
* Compass for car underwater.
* Table of divers to help prevent disease pressure.
* Dive into the depths of the depth can be monitored, and in particular, the maximum working depth, with the control, elimination of the required pressure. The depth to some of the price increases also shows that to avoid the raid and is an important factor in disease pressure.
* Can be used to guide divers from the trip back to the starting point, and safety of low visibility.
* Attendance of scuba gear, to avoid the stress of illness diver diving pressure to stop the publication requirements. Most deep dive computers also showed that the level of time and climbing. Some people also said that oxygen toxicity.
* Table of diving pressure is to reduce pressure on the indicator – the depth of monitoring.

Vision and Mission
* Mask for divers to see clearly the eye protection.
* Mask to protect the dirty water or cold, increase the supply by ensuring the safety of divers in the face. If you do not speak on behalf of the divers can talk about the possible use of communications equipment.
* Scuba diving is often used to provide surface. Masks, because they provide the same benefits, but provides a very safe gas supply is connected to the other divers and head protection.
* The list under water, and a pencil to write programs for the transfer before diving under the water, and record the facts, and under water, divers and others to help communication.
* TORCHS / the light is very important for low visibility or dark environments, such as night dives, cave and infiltration and sabotage, and security. They are useful for communication and signals below the surface at night. Divers need, even in shallow water and clear water, expressing the artificial light absorption of light due to travel through the water at the end of the red spectrum.
* Hand-held sonar for divers.

* Conditioning – gas “supported” archeology of offshore pipelines, while the vacancy rate for small objects from the sea, sand and mud
* The case of the camera, the photograph of water or under water – video
* Ease of pressure swing consists of one or more of the horizontal bar, depending on the season on a float pressure relief
* Diving reel transport distance line or buoy line marks on the floor
* Weight set to dive bar, and is used to mark the location of the submerged buoy, and sailing in a safe place to dive from the surface of decompression stops
* Safe and dry face divers need to stay dry at depth (wallet, cell phone)
* A knife to cut tissue or clearing or excavation. It can also be used for personal protection from predators in the water if necessary to use but not recommended.
* Remove the bag – to lift heavy objects in the water with the revitalization
* Diver clean knife. This is a small hand tool for divers to pull themselves out if they are caught in nets or fishing. It was small, like changing a small incision in the hair of a sharp blade. There is a gap in the other, so that the associated net diver with a knife.

The best place for scuba diving

21 10 2009

Bunaken National Park

Bunaken National Park, Indonesia, mangrove ecosystems, sea grass beds and coral reefs and tropical ecosystems representative of water, land and coastal ecosystems.
In Bunaken, Manado, the island is only Montehage, Siladen branch south of the island, the official hospital of the South Island Pisok corner of the North Coast. While in the southern Cape coast, including some of the coconut.
Potential land Islands National Park, rich in coconut, sago, WOKA, Silar and coconut varieties. Types of wildlife and coastal areas in life, as the Celebes black ape (monkey, black, black), and deer (deer timorensis Soviet Union) and the opossum (Ailurops not Wuer Sinoe).
Seasons in the Bunaken National Park, mangrove and red algae. , Sonneratia P. L of algae. And the fungus in the wood. Rich woods, such as gulls, storks, pigeons, sea and cranes in the crab, shrimp, clams, and various seabirds.
In this national park in Caulerpa algae species, including types of bacteria. , Halimeda bacteria. Q and Padina. Montehage derived from seaweed, particularly on the island, while the body of insects Thalassia Nin acoroides Enhallus island Thalassodendron gross margin.
Recorded 13 species in the waters of Bunaken National Park, and the types of coral reefs and coral reefs on the edge of the main obstacles. The most interesting is the 25-50 m vertical cliffs as much as possible.
Approximately 91 species of Bunaken National Park waters, including fish gusumi what (what Hema), white fish found in the OIC (Duchenne rivoliana), yellow tail Luoluo Shi (flute Kasmire) goropa (Pseudanthias Ephinephelus spilotoceps hypselosoma) Iraq, dry (hot Scolopsis, etc.).
Types of mollusks like giant clams (Tridacna gigas), sheep (Cassis cornuta), Nautilus () void pompillius Nautilus and tunikates / fish in the sea.
The best year of visit: May to August each year.

The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole
Blue Hole in Belize, is the world’s most famous dive into the ground. This site is the famous Jacques Cousteau, who declared that the ten goals of scuba diving and snorkeling in the world. You can dive in clear waters, you can see the reef sharks and bull sharks and hammer bits.


Some of the famous diving in Thailand Location: Phuket Island, Gao Tao, Similan Islands, Surin Islands. In fact, they are developing diving in almost anywhere, even in the Ko near roads and near the eyebrows of diving. Furthermore, the high and the road is the place to learn to dive under.

Gili Islands

Gili Islands
Gilis, Indonesia, with a constant flow of new people here, more and more hot spots. There are good reasons, and coral reefs, water, and here are some sites with spectacular visual effects. With the price of imports from the neighboring island, Bali, and even more to Hong Kong.



Located in Malaysia, Sipadan Island, probably the best dive sites in the world, one of the five. This place is full of life. You’ll see turtles, cave systems, sharks and dolphins, whether fish, beautiful coral reefs, fish, intelligent, and all will be in your mind to explore such a large number of.

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef need not be defined. Each and every person knows. In Australia, the world’s largest coral reefs, tropical marine life and coral reefs, you can imagine. Anyone visiting the country, and not full access to a pair of coral reefs.


Hawaii, there are some dive. And the islands surrounded by coral reefs and wildlife. Island in the north has just come into the largest ocean in the United States to ensure that diving for several years to save.


Like the beautiful tropical islands of Micronesia is always one thing in common: they are surrounded by a vibrant coral reef. Blue as the walls, near the location of your destination in the South Pacific. This is off the road, and cheap, and the nucleus.


In the Philippines, this tropical paradise and a diver’s paradise. You’ll find all the usual suspects are here and the rich coral reef system. When you are finished swimming in the ocean, and you can enjoy the beach and water.

Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha
This is the place to play in Brazil. Here you will find a lot of blue water in the area who live in these islands. You can sea turtles and dolphins, and so on.

The Red Sea in Egypt

Egyptian Red Sea
The Red Sea and the turquoise blue waters, and there are several dive sites are very good. Coral reefs are the best incredible, but diversity in real life. Journal of Sharm el-Sheikh Abu Shah Bo Nuhas accident Thistlegorm and Ras Mohammed, fill find all the best diving in the Red Sea.

Preparation of 13 diving techniques

21 10 2009

This is one of the water sports, diving and water sports, are at great risk. Why? Deep sea diving or snorkeling to see that not everyone can do it .. It is Khan? ? Although the risk remains with the fun and entertainment, security and accident-free record them, and offer scuba diving courses, including the following safety tips or rules:

1. Before diving equipment inspection / learn to dive (diving learn) .. Double check to ensure that teams work function is very good, especially the equipment and the rental of your true self.

2. Drink plenty of water, as far as possible, even if you are thirsty St. .. Drinking water safe. Keller could see signs of dehydration.

3. In accordance with immersion training / diving courses, and usually registered civil works.

4. Get scores, not going to dive in dangerous places, you can not see the sea caves, or diving accidents, which require specialized or technical training, as well – technical diving.

5. For the health examinations, testing pool conduct prior to this activity.

6. Not only is submerged. Invite friends to snorkel and scuba dive while you are learning vocational guidance. or

7. Follow the instructions (technical – technical diving) and given to the person responsible for the diving trip.

8. Learn about time to go there before the dive.

9. To ensure that the water temperature and weather conditions are safe enough to dive. Quickly to shore and I saw or heard the storm.

10. Sun protection in the water for at least 15 SPF (sun protection factor) of the skin.

11. In addition, so that it recognizes the command to strike clan Sun

12. He also admitted that the properties of low temperature and, of course, and how to overcome here.

13. Wear sunglasses to protect eyes from the sun. Selection of sunglasses, ultraviolet absorb at least 90 percent.